fredag 2. september 2011

The Cheapest Cars To Ensure

Ford vs. Ferrari

The most important things that you can reduce the cost of auto insurance is to ensure that your car is cheap to insure. Most of us have an idea that Ferrari will be much more expensive to insure a Ford, but what about all the other cars in the middle, and what are the cheapest cars to insure?

Insurance companies ratings

When insurers decide how much should it cost to make sure your car is not just a guessing game. All cars are placed in categories numbered 1-50. The cheapest car is to ensure that the lower the category number, plain and simple. It is worth noting that although these categories are defined by the Association of British Insurers, which can be changed by the companies themselves. But do not worry, it's suddenly not a 1 liter is rated to run with a sports car.

So, what should I buy a car?

Hundreds of cars on the market would be almost impossible to print a complete list of all the cheap car to make sure that you can buy. Here's an example of how some cars are classified as:


Fiat Punto

Ford Fiesta

Volkswagen Polo

Peugeot 106

Renault Clio


Peugeot 307

Opel Astra

Toyota Corolla

Land Rover Freelander

Audi A3

If you know a little 'each of these cars is not hard to see the characteristics that brought them into categories. However, more information, read on.

To ensure efficient vehicles

A rule of thumb is that if your car was cheap to buy first, then it is usually fairly cheap to insure. But the purchase price is not the only way insurance companies decide how to classify a vehicle.

Insurance companies are interested in the number of car repairs to pay the landlord files the complaint. Nearly three-quarters of the insurance money to pay for repairs - a cheaper and simpler your car is repaired, it is likely that the premium is small.

In addition, insurance companies are concerned to ensure the car. If you have an alarm, immobilizer or a tracker and you will find the reward is smaller. Even if you do not have a high value, you should consider that these bears. The most recent is your car, it is likely that these devices will be installed.

Another thing to consider is that your sports car may look good but be prepared for a high price for insurance. Insurance companies penalize cars with greater acceleration and top speed because they are statistically involved in more accidents.

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