fredag 2. september 2011

The Best Tips For Cheaper Car Insurance

Despite the current competitiveness in the market for auto insurance premiums are higher and higher, piling more pressure on household budgets already stretched.

Read on to uSwitch the best advice to help keep under control the cost of auto insurance.

The best tips for cheaper car insurance

The first auto insurance industry is based on customers being attracted by the generous initial offer will not last forever, so that the central message in the quest for cheaper car insurance is to shop around. Figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) shows that you can save 35% on your premium by comparing only five suppliers of auto insurance - do not automatically comply with the renewal premium to be sure it is competitive.

2. Auto insurance companies use different factors to calculate how much to charge. They live in areas with high crime rate you can expect to pay more, as well as in certain occupations. For this reason, it is important to keep the details of politics, current and accurate, including information on everything you can about the factors, such as your work, where to park the car, mileage, and whether or not to use the car to go to work.

3. Save by buying online, car insurance and paying annually in advance, rather than in monthly installments.

4. Choose to pay a higher deductible on a voluntary question. Some companies will give you £ 800 more than what the policy means that annual car insurance is much cheaper. However, make sure you can afford to pay extra if you ask a question.

5. If you are a young driver, you may be able to get cheaper car insurance by way of more government-sponsored training program for new drivers, or the signature of a specialist "Pay-As-You-Drive" policy.

6. If the car is owned and used primarily by his father, can be saved with the addition of politics. But beware of the practice known as "gone" when a person says the machine and add another name to the person, "the driver called" the driver, whose name is actually the most important, is not a random factor. If caught, "gone", your insurer may refuse to pay.

7th Note that the addition of drivers for your auto insurance will increase your premium - especially if a young driver. If the additional driver rarely uses the car, probably the cheapest of labor for a short-sighted policy in place. But in some cases, a driver named on your policy is considered "low risk" can help reduce costs.

8. Driving a smaller car engine, because they are cheaper to insure. Also note that the changes in the body significantly increases the cost, so avoid them if possible.

9. Consider a mileage limit - or opt for a unit at certain times of day.

10. Improving the safety of your vehicle by installing an alarm and immobilization systems. You can also keep car insurance premiums to park your car in a safe place - preferably in a garage or carport.

11. Each car insurance company that offers a period of 14 days of cancellation, you can cancel your contract. Although it is free, some providers charge a small fee, but can be really helpful if you find a better deal for less time your policy has begun.

12. If you have your own car yet, but might have a future, is added as a pilot called someone in politics. This way you can build an almost complete absence of the benefits of discount.

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