fredag 2. september 2011

Car Insurance Quote And A Question Of Loyalty

The economy of the reward for being loyal to a company must be simple, but for obscure reasons, insurance companies do most of its policyholders for granted. Surprisingly, according to the state, up to 80% of policyholders renew with the same company year after year. With this information in hand, not surprising that insurance companies do not feel obliged to offer loyalty bonuses. They just assume that you will renew.

Think about it. You could be in the same company for twenty years, pay a share of the premiums on time and do not ask a question. This should justify some recognition, because it counts only the contractor, that would be pure profit. Now scattered. Most policyholders are safe for drivers and not comment. If it is not a hard core of inexperienced pilots, bad luck and old, the insurance companies could work with little effort and very useful. Because it is not only the efforts and pay increases steadily increasing profit margins may remain high enough to keep investors happy.

What is required for each insurance company to begin offering loyalty bonuses routine? The answer is simple. Competition. If there was real competition for your business, every company is to continue with the details of their latest offerings. There would be bonds and low levels of loyalty rebates to become over the years. As some companies offer additional incentives that may change, but largely disappear as soon as spring becomes summer. Once the new insurer, is expected to be the holder of the same loyalty that never needs a reward to stay. That the insurance industry called the rotation factor is low, ie the proportion of people regularly move from one company to another to make each new offering welcome bonus. Even when people change, resistance to change seems greater than ever.

The moral is that most of us have played for fools. Insurance companies to maintain an artificially low level of competition. Have incentives to change, but they are half done. Given a small number of insurance companies. You may be surprised to learn that even the largest insurance companies have branches in every state. They choose where they settled. Since this is a cynical exploitation, all of us should study all the options to change each time the policy is renewed. If you find a better deal, we need to go. This is the only way to force insurance companies to respect us and to offer loyalty bonuses to keep us happy. If we continue to lie passive and allow insurers to take advantage of us is never any ransom.

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